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Financial Planning - Protecting your family with tax-efficient life cover.

When working as an employee, for an employer, you often have life insurance through what is known as a Group Death in Service Scheme. This scheme will normally provide a lump sum of a multiple of salary to a spouse or dependent on death while you are employed. It may also provide for a pension as well. This benefit
is paid for by the employer and is exempt from being taxed as a benefit in kind.

On leaving employment this protection is stopped which means you have to provide for this cover personally if you wish to continue with the same level of protection. This will be out of taxed income.
A tax efficient option to meet this protection cover, if you have your own limited company, is called a Relevant Life Policy (RLP). RLP’s are very tax efficient as the cost is treated as an allowable business expense against corporate profits meaning you are not paying it from your own income after tax and crucially it is not a benefit in kind either. The amount insured can be based on a multiple of remuneration including dividends.
HMRC have rules when setting a policy up and the most important is the amount insured must be multiple of remuneration, usually maximum of 10 times. It cannot be a fixed amount which bears no resemblance to remuneration being paid. If a claim is paid while the policy is in existence the benefits are paid tax free to the company to be distributed tax free under a discretionary trust to the beneficiaries outlined at policy inception. If you wish to provide additional life cover to a spouse or dependent to provide for loss of income on death in service a RLP should definitely be considered.

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