Tax and Accounting


The Limited Company

The Limited Company, with proper tax planning, can be a very efficient vehicle for a contractor to organise his accounting and tax planning affairs.

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Find out how:


You can make a profit from VAT
You can claim business expenses from the company including business mileage, accommodation, and travel and subsistence costs
IR35 risk can be minimised
A spouse can be rewarded for the role he/she undertakes in the business
You can be remunerated through a mix of salary and dividends
Payroll can be utilised as part of efficient tax planning
Ownership of the company can be considered hand in hand with optimising the contractors basic rate tax band
You can be remunerated in the form of company pension contributions which helps to mitigate corporation tax liability
Your family can protect their financial future

The overall objective of course is to maximise the contractors earnings and minimise the tax cost. You work hard for your cash and it is MCAS role to ensure you keep what you earn.